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Forklift Weighing System Scales & Acc's

We offer the following Forklift Weighing Systems Scales & Acc's from the basic Analogue dial scale to the Compuload LCFS system & Acc's:

A Compuload Weighing System for your Forklift can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. The weighing system is built into the Forklifts hydraulic lift lines. So, you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting the front mask / tynes at constant speed to a pre-determined marked high point then bleed off to a pre-determined low point to obtain a weigh reading when weighing with a hydraulic weighing system. For higher accuracy weighing Compuload offers the LCFS (Load Cell Forklift Scale) system unlike a hydraulic weighing system the LCFS uses two x loadcell modules that interface between the forklifts carriage and tynes and simply weighs via dead weight. All that is needed is to pick up the pallet from ground level and weigh you will be able to achieve accuracies that rival a platform scale, NMI trade approved options are available. Eliminates the risk to overload loaded trucks, pallet racking, improve OH&S as well as obtain an accurate weighing for the dispatching of goods etc. The machine operator can control all the weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab.

1. Helps you confirm to the Chain of Responsibility laws ensuring you do not overload trucks when dispatching goods.

2. Improves safety by not overloading pallet racking.

3. Ensures you gain the maximum effecticany within your operation etc by reducing truck movements and loading correctly thus increasing your efficiency. No more weighbridge turn arounds or overloaded trucks.

4. Seven models to choose from depending on requirements from Basic to Highly Advanced options with data storage management and USB downloading capabilities. Plus, One NMI approved system.

5. A Compuload Fork Lift weighing system will pay for itself quickly by reducing loader movements saving fuel, tyres, general maintenance and with the correct loading of Trucks. In short your operation will be become more efficient & profitable.

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  • Compuload LCFS Scales

  • Compuload 1000 Scale

  • Compuload 2000 MKII Dynamic Scale

  • Compuload 2000 Scale

  • Compuload 320 Scale

  • Compuload 4070 Printer

  • Compuload 5000 Scale

  • Compuload 500 Scale

  • Compuload 6000 Scale

  • Compuload ANALOGUE SCALE

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