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NMI Trade Approved Weighing System Scales

We offer the following NMI Trade Approved Weighing Systems Scales & Acc's:

What does Trade Approved Mean?

In relation to all forms of weight, volumes and measurements.  It is where certain instruments are manufactured to meet predetermined sets of strict performance accuracy standards.  This is done so all parties involved in the trading transaction based on the above will know that a predetermined level of accuracy of measurement will be meet when a NMI Trade Approved instrument is being used.

Who determines and controls these strict set of standards?

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is a Federal government body that sets and regulates the standards.  It also tests all new instruments of measurement to be used in a commercial trading, whether it is an instrument to determine weight (Scales / Weighing System). Volume (Flowmeters) or measurement (e.g. how long is a metre) The NMI sets the standards and accuracy requirements for each type of instrument when used for a specific purpose.

What is a NMI Trade Approved Scale or Weighing System?

It is a scale or weighing system that has been tested and passed by the NMI as meeting their predetermined standards and level of accuracy.  The NMI will issue an Approval Number for instrument which must be display / attached to each scale or weighing system produced of that model.  Each NMI Trade Approved scale or weighing system can only be serviced, tested / calibrated and marked / stamped by authorized NMI licenced scale technician, before it can be legally used.  The authorized technician must reject any scale / weighing system that does not meet the required standards.

Why do NMI Trade Approved Scales / Weighing Systems cost more?

As explained above an instrument that is proposed to be NMI Trade Approved, is initially submitted to NMI for stringent analysis and testing.  This takes time and more importantly a large investment cost.  For the manufacturer to submit a scale / weighing system instrument for NMI trade approval, this represents significant investment both initially and on an ongoing basis.

When do I need a NMI trade approved scale / weighing system?

Trade measurement is the system that regulates the buying or selling of goods and services – where the value is determined by measurement.  Whether you are purchasing / selling raw materials by weight, fluids by volume or product by length. 

Want Compuload Scales / Weighing Systems are NMI Trade Approved.

The Compuload CL3000, CL4000 Front End Loader and CL LCFS Forklift Scales / Weighing Systems when combined with a CL4060 or CL4070 printer when sold as NMI trade approved scale / weighing system. 

Can existing CL3000 & CL4000 which were sold as non-trade scales / weighing systems be upgraded to NMI trade approved scales / weighing systems – The answer is YES.  To upgrade either scale or weighing system the licensed repair must install additional hardware, upgrade software and do a full re-calibration using NMI certified traceable test weights along with a very comprehensive test of the scale / weighing instrument to determine if it can be marked for NMI trade approval.  As required by NMI pattern approval.

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