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Portable Axle Wheel Weighing Pads & Acc's

We can offer portable axle wheel weighing pads in both wired and wireless versions in a range of pad and capacity sizes.

Our range of wheel and axle weighing pads / platforms are designed for creating static wheel and axle weighing and dynamic axle weighing stations, with a choice of platform sizes from 400 x 300mm to 900 x 700mm, with capacity’s from 600kg to 25,000kg per wheel pad and either wired connection (Analog) or wireless communication connections to three different indicators options with built-in printers.  Ideal for weighing a variety of vehicles from cars, box trailers, caravans, boats, tractors, earthmoving equipment to larger capacity trucks etc.  You have ability to obtain accurate axle weighs as well as wheel weighs if required based on the software provided.  Prevent overloads and ensure you operate your vehicle, machinery or truck within the safety limits as required.

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