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Compuload Digital SS Axle Load Indicator Truck Scale

series-3000.pdf Download Compuload Digital SS Axle Load Indicator Truck Scale brochure

The Compuload Digital SS Axle Load Indicator Truck Scale is a basic digital axle load indicator scale is intended for use on prime mover truck drive and non drive, trailersand semi trailers axles.  The display unit is designed in a sturdy, waterproof stainless steel housing to be mounted direct to the chassis.  The Compuload Digital SS Axle Load Indicator truck scale is an economical and convenient means of measuring axle loads on vechicles, trailers and semi-trailers equipped with a pneumatic air suspension system.

Useing a microprocessor and built-in memory system, the Compuload Digital SS Axle Load Indicator truck scale calculates the currentaxle loads from the current air pressure in the suspension system and displays the figure as a three digit value.

The pressure sensors are loacted in the display making it a compact unit to avoid external influences on the electronic components and sensors.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage  10...30 volt direct current
Current consumption  max. 90mA (with relay active)
Relay output      normally open contact Max. 1A/ 30VDC
Display       Three digits 7 segments, LED with a 20.3mm Character height
Accuracy    2% of maximum load at 0°C - +50°C*
Air connection     Quick release connection 6mm air hose
Maximum pressure   15.5 bar (225 psi)
Operating pressure    Range 0 to 10.5 bar (0 to 150 psi)
Operating temperature -25°C... + 70°C
Storage temperature -40°C... + 70°C
Dimensions  175mm x 135mm x 90mm
Weight approx  1650 grams
Approvals  CE and e1                                

Compuload Digital Axle Load Indicator Scale Features:

  • Economical weighing for axle loads.
  • High Contrast LED Display.
  • Simple, easy to install and calibrate.
  • 2% +/- accuracy of maximum load.
  • Single and Dual Sensor models.
  • Avoid overloading fines.
  • Improve efficiency plus maximise profits through more improved loading and running costs.
  • Sturdy stainless steel housing for outside mounting.
  • Made in Europe