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Compuload LoadManager

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The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale is a highly advanced digital scale that uses the existing wiring for communication between the Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale display and sensor boxes on the trailers.  Using a microprocessor and built-in memory, Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale calculates the current loads from the air pressure in the suspension system and display weights in three digital values.  The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale / On-Board weighing systems can be used on all types of vehicles with axles or axle groups equipped with air or steel spring suspension system for the steer axle.  Due to the modular design, our products are flexible and can be individually adapted to most types of vehicles excluding leaf spring suspensions.


Alarms when limits are exceeded

The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale display offers 2 individually adjustable alarms levels:
Alarm 1 is indicated by flashing diodes for individual axle which has exceeded limits. 
Alarm 2 switches on an internal electronic “relay” when the GWT for vehicle is exceeded.  This  signal can be used as ON/OFF input for other units, for example an On-Board computer. 

The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale brings efficiency in transportation, helps avoiding fines and optimizes your loading procedure.

Air circuits and sensors

On all vehicles you get optimal accuracy with two Independent air inlets for each axle, one for the pneumatic Circuits (right and left) per axle or axle group.  The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale calculates the current load on each axle from two reference values LO and HI.  Using a single sensor on the front axle typically offers you the same accuracy compared with an front axle air


Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale is exactly as flexible as your vehicle:

ü  Do you have a truck equipped with steel springs on the front axle and air suspension on the rear axles combined with a lift axle?           

ü  Do you have a truck with 2 front axles equipped with steel springs and two rear axles divided in left hand and right hand air circuits?   

ü  Do you want to couple a trailer or semi trailer on the above vehicles?

ü  Do you want to couple a low bed trailer equipped with hydraulic suspension on a truck equipped with air suspension?

ü  Do you want to swap from one trailer to other trailer?

The answer to all of the above is No problem.  Compuload Loadmanger Truck Scale is a truly flexible truck scale.  Individual calibration values are stored in the Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale unit on each vehicle.

Associated units

Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale has printing options via either RS232 com’s port and can be used with the Compuload 4070 compact printer.

How does it work?

The Compuload Loadmanager Truck Scale weighing system, calculates the actual load from the linearity between airbag pressure and load.  Using 2 reference points (LO/HI Values) the Loadmanager Truck Scales calculates the actual axle load to within 1-2% or better accuracy.

The Basic’s

Airbag pressure is proportional with the load on the axle.  Levelling value regulates the air volume in the airbag, so ride height remains the same.  Mechanical suspension is common on many trucks.  A strain gauge (SG) sensor is mounted directly on the axle beam or on the parabolic springs.  Accuracy is the same as air suspension sensors.

Technical Specifications

• Supply voltage 10...30 volt direct current
• Current consumption max. 90mA
• Alarm 1 Flashing display
• Alarm 2 output open collector NPN  Max  0.2A/ 50 VDC
• Display Three digits 7 segments, LED with a 20.3mm Character height
• Accuracy 2% of maximum load at 0°C - +50°C*
• Air connection Quick release connection 6mm air hose
• Maximum pressure 15.5 bar (225 psi)
• Operating pressure Range 0 to 10.5 bar (0 to 150 psi)
• SG Sensor  0-20mA input
• On Board Computer RS-232 serial
• Printer RS-232 serial
• Device bus Power line communication
• Operating temperature -25°C... + 70°C
• Storage temperature -40°C... + 70°C
• Dimensions 182mm x 53mm x 75mm / Single Din
• Weight approx 550grams
• Approvals CE and e1

 Compuload Loadmaster Truck Scales Features

 Feature packed weighing system for trucks.

  • Current combination GWT*.
  • Current load on all individual axles.
  • Payload per truck/trailer*.
  • Alarm for exceeding GWT.
  • GWT per truck/trailer*.
  • Payload for the entire combination*
  • Alarm for overload on individual axles.
  • All weights displayed in tonnes.
  • Control all the data safely from inside your truck cabin.
  • Load manager display fits into a single DIN cut out.
  • Multiple set up options = greater flexibility.
  • Made in Europe