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CV4 excaweigh Excavator Weighing System

Download I.View Excavator Scale Brochure here Download CV4 excaweigh Scale Brochure here

The CV4 eXcaweigh Excavator Load Weighing System is a Dynamic Load Weighing System suitable for excavators of all sizes. It weighs the load in a bucket of an excavator as the load is being raised. Very little, if any, time is lost in the weighing process meaning it is a very versatile and easy to use system. The CV4 eXcaweigh Excavator Load Weighing System is essential for sites such as quarries, building sites, mine sites etc where either there is no weighbridge, or the weighbridge is some distance away from the loading site. The CV4 Excavator Load Weighing System has dual IP67 protected angle sensors that are mounted on the main boom and also the dipper arm which will monitor and compensate for the differing angles, and dual pressure sensors in the hydraulics for accurate readings. The weighing height is adjustable to allow for weighing from a stockpile or weighing from “roadside”.

The CV4 eXcaweigh   Excavator Load Weighing System has a modern sleek colour graphic display which is easy to read in all light conditions. The CV4 eXcaweigh excavator weighing system weighs each individual bucket and accumulates the weights for loading trucks, crushers, screens or similar. This information can also be printed out on the optional on board printer.

Main Features:

  • CV4 eXcaweigh  has a 4” colour display for easy viewing in direct sunlight
  • CV4 eXcaweigh  is the result of many years of experience in weighing systems for excavators
  • CV4 eXcaweigh  is essential for quarries and mines without weighing bridges, ideal as backup for weighing bridges located far away from the loading area
  • CV4 eXcaweigh  speeds up the loading operation achieving the maximum filling capacity of the truck, reducing laps to weighing bridges, avoiding truck over and under loads
  • CV4 eXcaweigh  increases productivity of your machine by performing weigh accuracy within ±3% when loading loose materials
  • CV4 eXcaweigh  has an outstanding self learning calibration that reduces drastically the system fitting and calibration time